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Ab Origine

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Ab Origine band
is a world/ethnic music project from Italy, curated by Gianni Placido and focused on didjeridoo, percussions and electronics.

Ab Origine have produced 7 album: Ab Origine (2010), Breathless (2012), Keeping the wire (2013), La via di uscita (2015), Keeping the wire 2.0 (2015), Solid Sound of Silence (2017), Eleusi (2020). They performed live all around Italy and in some of the main ethno/world/trance/electro festival of Europe and Israel such as Le Réve de l’Aborigéne (France), Tribal Elék (France), Fatt festival (Portugal), Burning Mountain (Switzerland), Israele Didgeridoo festival (Israel), Natibongo (Italiy), Mama Africa Meeting (Italiy). Some of their compositions have been used for documentary films.

Many musicians joined the project with the Ab Origine ensamble: the Siberian multi-instrumentalist and virtuoso Vladiswar Nadishana, Giuseppe Dal Bianco (traditional wind instruments), Lorenzo Niego (darbuka), Lorenzo De Boni (jew’s harp), Riccardo Casaroli (drums), Cico Rossi (western africa drums), Pineal (electronic), Otto Wagner (sax and flute), Ivan Valentini (sax), Andrea Trapani (electric bass), Federica Di Leonardo (voice), Enrico Marani (electronic), Valerio Canè (theremin) and Nicolò Toschi (sitar), Francesco Gherardi and Ayub Noor Muhammad (tabla and daf), Rossella Cosentino (singinf), Stefania Megale (sax & singing), Antonio Petitto (percussions & contrabass), Tommaso Vinci (dobro guitar e singing).

Actual live set members: Gianni Placido, didjeridoo, Riccardo Frisari, drums and Gabriele Gubbelini, electronics.

Info for gigs: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - +39 3393548401

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